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                      AAC and NWSA present 
                    three publications from 
                    "The Courage to Question"

The Courage to Question: Women's Studies and Student Learning
features the results from seven women's studies programs
participating in the three-year, women's studies assessment project
"The Courage to Question." which was funded by the U.S. Department
of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
(FIPSE). The case studies include new research on multicultural
learning, critical thinking, student voice, classroom dynamics, and
integrating knowledge into life choices. (Copyright 1992, ISBN 0-911696-55-5,
Library of Congress Catalog No. 92-71982)

The Executive Summary to The Courage to Question provides an
overview of the project. It is designed to make the core research
findings from The Courage to Question: Women's Studies and Student
Learning easily accessible to a wide audience. The Executive
Summary is published and distributed by the Association of American

Students at the Center: Feminist Assessment is designed to
facilitate program assessment. This volume sets feminist principles
of assessment in the context of the larger assessment movement. It
features innovative assessment designs, a variety of methodological
approaches, and practical advice about how to do a productive
assessment project on a campus. Students at the Center contains
questionnaires, scoring sheets, and interview questions; a
directory of consultants; and a selected bibliography on
assessment.  (Copyright 1992, ISBN 0-911696-56-3, Library of 
Congress Catalog No. 92-71981)

All three publications generated by "The Courage to Question" are
available from AAC. For ordering information, contact the
Publications Desk, AAC, 1818 R Street, NW; Washington, D.C. 20009;
202/387-3760. Bulk rates are available.

The Courage to Question and Students at the Center are available
from NWSA. For further information, contact NWSA, 7100 Baltimore
Boulevard, Suite 301, College Park, Maryland 20740. (301) 403-0424 or
(301) 403-0525.