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Brooklyn College

- Established program;
- Major objective: get students connected to an organization  
  with a community service focus: the internship can then     
  lead to a job;
- Internship connected to a credit course entitled "Problems  
  and Institutions."

  Also note: Brooklyn College Internship Program is not       
  highly funded. Internships are more community based than    
  those at schools which receive more funding.

Wellesley College

- Offers competitive internship program that will send two    
  students to work anywhere in the world that is involved in  
  changing women's lives;
- Students receive $2,000 (similar to work-study) and work    
  without salary for the organization (internship program has 
  included students traveling to South Africa and the         
- Students must have faculty supervision to receive college   

Oregon State

-  Course on "Perspectives on Women's Studies" which combines 
   theory with notion of empowerment; and explores methods    
   and strategies for collective action. Course followed by   
   an internship where students go out into the community to  
   implement what they have learned

Cleveland State University

-  Course that introduces students to the gender politics of  
   the workplace: "Women in Corporate America" which is       
   externally funded by the League of Women Voters (working   
   through an outside organization gave internship more       
-  Students are in class 4 weeks of 10 week course. For six   
   weeks they are on site with managers of public, private,   
   or non-profit organizations. Managers selected from a pool 
   of about 80 women, including minority managers;
-  Managers asked to involve students in important staff      
-  Students return with a sense of sexism in the workplace.
-  Taught by a sociologist, not a business professor.

State University of New York at Albany

Women's Studies Internship Program

   "It is an academic program which provides interns with a   
   unique opportunity to explore the work world and their own 
   leadership potential. Under the guidance of a mentor in a  
   workplace setting, the intern learns first hand about the  
   difficulties and challenges facing today's career women.   
   At the same time, she participates in a seminar devoted to 
   studying the concepts and theories which make sense of the 
   work world and a woman's potential role(s) within it."

-  Students work 9 hours per week at placements
-  Students attend a weekly seminar.