Origin of Directory

The organizations listed in this directory are all member organizations of 
the Council of Presidents, a group originally formed to facilitate
the exchange of information among a small group of leaders in national
women's organizations. These groups meet on a bi-monthly basis in
Washington, DC to coordinate public policy action on shared legislative

The information in this directory was collected as part of the "Women
Ask...! Agenda Strategy Notebook". The editorial committee for the
publication of the notebook included:

	Chris de Vries		American Nurses Association
	Mal Johnson		National Women's Conference Committee
	Joan Kuriansky		Older Women's League
	Sima Osdoby		Women's Action For New Directions
	Pat Reuss		NOW Legal Defense Fund

Special thanks goes to the Council of Presidents, and the editorial 
committee in particular, for the coordination of the gathering of the
information in this directory.