The Preview Issue of At The Crossroads, a new feminist publication, has
just been released. While feminists have long questioned social tradi-
tions and social institutions, At The Crossroads extends that question-
ing to include the understanding of reality itself. This new journal
brings feminism, spirituality, and new paradigm science together to
explore reality, especially the spiritual reality that western culture
so often denies. The purpose of the search for knowledge is curiosity
and the desire to change the basis of modern culture from patriarchal,
mechanistic, and materialistic to a living, loving, life-respecting
culture that treasures all of life. At The Crossroads features the work
of women writers, and strives to present a wide variety of feminist,
ecofeminist, lesbian, and multicultural points of view.

The Preview Issue of At The Crossroads features an interview with Dr.
Pamela Colorado, director of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network.
Dr. Colorado considers indigenous knowledge to have the status of a
full-fledged science and asserts that "Native science is a way of
bringing people to a higher knowledge, and one of its goals is to bring
us to the Gii Lai - "the still quiet place." Other articles focus on
topics including firewalking; the political ramifications of the
suppression of spiritual/paranormal experience; anger; masculine and
feminine science.

In addition to these feature articles, the Preview Issue includes a
forum on the question, "Do political and spiritual views conflict or
complement one another?" And every issue contains book reviews and a
"News in New Paradigm Science" section that allows the reader to easily
keep up on some of the latest developments in areas like parapsychology,
morphogenetic fields, mind/body science, consciousness studies, and
UFO research.

The Preview Issue is 56 pages long and contains no advertising. Single
copies sell for $6.50 and a four issue subscription is available for
$24.00. The magazine is a quarterly publication. Copies of the magazine
can be obtained directly or at feminist, new age or alternative book-
stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. The magazine is published by the
Arkansas based feminist publisher Spirited Women Book Company.

At The Crossroads is looking for contributions in the form of essays,
articles, book reviews, theory, research, black and white line drawings,
and first person narratives. For more information or to order the
magazine contact: AT THE CROSSROADS, P.O. BOX 112, ST. PAUL AR 72760.