Preparing to Lead:
		   The College Women's Guide to Internships
		and Other Public Policy Learning Opportunities
			      in Washington DC

Written by students for students, _Preparing to Lead_ provides descriptions of
over 100 internships, seminars, fellowships and other resources for women
interested in public leadership. The guide is designed to help women students
take full advantage of the myriad of learning opportunities in the nation's
capital tht will prepare them for leadership responsibilities in the public
policy arena.   The guide includes sections on:

	*Research and Advocacy Internships with Non-governmental Organizations
	*Policical Internship Opportunities
	*Governmental Internships, including  Capital Hill and the Executive
	*Seminars and Conferences on Public Leadership for Students
	*Fellowships and other Learning Opportunities for College Graduates

*Preparing to Lead* was originally published in 1992 as part of the National 
Education for Women's Leadership (NEW Leadership), a program designed to 
identify, educate, and develop the next
generation of women public leaders and funded by the W. K. Kellogg 
Foundation.  An updated and expanded edition was published in November of 

1995 edition: 148 pages	
Copyright @ 1995 by the Public Leadership Education Program

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