Women In Science: A HyperCard Project
Kensington Academy
1020 E. Square Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304
(810) 647-8060

Also available via anonymous FTP from vela.acs.oakland.edu in pub/eabyrnes.

Required Software: HyperCard 2.2 and Stuffit for decompression, debinhexing.

Required Hardware: 68020 or better Macintosh

Files to retrieve: 	wis.1of6.sit.hqx, wis.2of6.sit.hqx, wis.3of6.sit.hqx, 
wis.4of6.sit.hqx, wis.5of6.sit.hqx, wis.6of6.sit.hqx

     	WOMEN IN SCIENCE consists of six linked HyperCard stacks featuring 
images and text honoring the contributions of 35 women in the field of 
science. The stacks are the result of a project by Kensington Academy 
seventh and eighth grade students. The students wrote the reports, found 
the photographs of the scientists, created small drawings and paintings for 
their cards, and finally, digitized their voices introducing the scientists. 
Photographs and drawings were scanned in, color was added and the images were
added to cards in the stacks. Students were also responsible for the colors 
used on the cards and the placement of the fields, images, and buttons. Each 
card is a unique visual treat. The six stacks are quite large (around 1 meg 
each), I would recommend getting the first stack wis.1of6.sit.hqx and trying 
it out. 

For more information contact Ed Byrnes at eabyrnes@vela.acs.oakland.edu