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Women's Studies

Riot! Magazine Sumbissions

Riot! Magazine is now seeking submissions of fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art. We would also like to publish political cartoons, music and book reviews, and film reviews, anything that is essentially political.

Email your submissions to editor@riotmagazine.com or sent via post to Riot Magazine, PO Box 425, Marshfield, MA 02050.

Riot! is an online publication dedicated to bringing political discourse to the forefront of artistic and literary endeavors. Each issue will exhibit ways in which various members of the creative community produce work that is politically engaging. Specifically, Riot! will examine issues of gender, class, race, government, consumerism, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality and more. Riot! will not exclude any particular form of discussion. Whether highly academic, post-modern, or staunchly realist, the magazine will consider any material so long as it focuses on the existence or action of opposing social forces and concepts. Riot!'s main goal is to promote as much emerging talent as possible, and will accept submissions from all over the globe to do so.


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