T H E  S H A N G O  P R O J E C T:
         National Archives for Black Lesbians and Gay Men
          P.O. Box 2341 Bloomington, Indiana 47402-2341

The Shango Project is a newly conceived effort to collect,
preserve and maintain materials of historical interest
which document aspects of African-American Lesbian and
Gay existence in contemporary and historical society.  The
project entails the acquisition,  collection and preservation
of newspapers, articles, books, magazines, journals,
memorabilia, diaries,  and other artifacts (records, field
recordings and interviews, compact discs, film, video, song
texts, art pieces, folklore, commentary, fiction, poetry,
etc.) which document  the Black Lesbian and Gay male

In conjunction with other groups, organizations and
individuals, The Shango Project will act as a support
organization to aid in project design, research aims, film
festivals and other activities whose function is to educate,
enlighten or promote change, such as initiating an annual Black
Lesbian and Gay History Day during the month of February,
Black History Month.  The Shango Project is dedicated to
increasing the visibility of Lesbian and Gay Blacks and the
exploration of issues central to our lives.

Through its newsletter, Purple Drum, The Shango Project
allows writers, filmmakers, scholars, researchers, students,
activists and others an avenue of communication on a variety
of events, new works and activities through the announcement
and critical, informed review of books, film, video, music,
commentary and television.

A long-range goal of the project is to develop a resource
center serving not only as archive but maintaining a database
of all research and historical materials pertaining to Black
Lesbian and Gay men in the African Diaspora.  Such a central
database will allow the use of a much-needed resource tool in
exploring aspects of Lesbian and Gay male life and to further
much-needed work on the multidimensional issues and
problems faced by Lesbians and Gay men of African descent in
society across the world.

If you would like to contribute to this effort please contact
the director by writing to the address listed or phoning:
812.334.8860.  Donations which bear on some aspect of the
Black Lesbian and Gay experience are always welcome and will
be maintained and preserved in the donor's name.  Scholars,
reviewers and writers are always welcome to submit short
commentary, letters, articles, fiction and nonfiction for
publication in Purple Drum,  or may deposit such items to the
archive if they wish them to become a part of the permanent

Each year, The Shango Project announces awards for research
and creative activities (film, video, poetry, novels) which
contribute significantly to our understanding of the history
and culture of Black Lesbians and Gay men.

                        P U R P L E  D R U M
           The Newsletter of The Shango Project

Purple Drum is published twice yearly.  Commentary,
short articles, fiction, poetry,  reviews, letters, course
syllabi, projects, festivals, conferences, announce-
ments, and contributions are most welcome and
may be addressed to the editor.  To receive a copy, write

                Editor, Purple Drum
                The Shango Project
                P.O. Box 2341
                Bloomington, Indiana 47402-2341