Top 10 Reasons to Student Volunteer for DH09

10. Ten hours of work gets you a ***FREE*** front row seat at the
international conference of record for the rapidly growing field of
digital humanities. (We can’t actually guarantee the front row seat,
but at this conference people are more likely to want to camp the
power outlets anyway.)

9. ***FREE*** DH09 T-shirt, in exclusive Event Staff colors. (You
*won’t* get one of these on eBay.)

8. You’re not doing anything else June 22-25, and/or the days
immediately beforehand.

7. Use our pool of Mp3 recorders and digital cameras to stage guerilla
interviews with leaders in the field. Looking for an excuse to meet
Lev Manovich or Christine Borgman? We’ll have canned questions for you
to break the ice with, and ask that you to upload the results to the
DH09 media cloud.

6. Get your Inner Terp on as you direct people around campus like a
pro. (We’re prepared to make some allowances here:

5. Advance look at book exhibits from the MIT Press, Minessota, Oxford
UP, and others. (What better way to get to know their lists than to
help haul the boxes?)

4. All your friends will be volunteering. The ones with geek-cred anyway.

3. Learn how to say “dongle” in three different languages (we’re
expecting attendees from as far away as Russia, Japan, and South

2. Bragging rights for fastest swag-bag packing. But remember: accuracy counts.

And the number one reason to student volunteer for DH09 . . .

1. You might just hear a talk or see a demo that will completely
change the way you think about your scholarship, your teaching, or
your professional future.

Digital Humanities 2009 is being hosted by the Maryland Institute for
Technology in the Humanities (MITH). The conference will take place on
the College Park campus June 22-25. If you are interested in
volunteering according to the terms above, please contact *both*
Matthew Kirschenbaum (mgk-at-umd-dot-edu) and Kate Singer (ksinger-at-umd-dot-edu).
We’re looking for volunteers for the conference dates as well as the
weeks immediately preceding. Please be sure to indicate your
availability within that time period. Much more information about the
conference is available here:

Please help us get out word of this opportunity by forwarding to
students who might be interested.

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